Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kill a Baby. Cure a Disease?

Scientists at Stanford have coaxed neurons from fetal brains to become cells that produce insulin. The cells aren't ready for human transplantation yet, but the advance brings researchers one step closer to a diabetes cure.
Of course Wired would not be gauche enough to bring up the ever so small issue that some people might express qualms at killing unborn children to possibly cure a disease.

If any fetal stem cell research actually ever does produce some "positive" results, it is going to produce a temptation that harkens back to the original temptation -- thinking that we know better than God. It is horrible enough that scientists are experimented with human beings that are deliberately killed for their organic components, but I find it even more horrible that in the not-so-distant future, parents of very sick children are going to be forced to choose between moral evil and letting their child die.


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